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Week-links 1: Feb 17 – 21, 2014

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  1. Trello


    Trello is the fastest, easiest way to organize anything, from your day-to-day work, to a favorite side project, to your greatest life plans.

    A screenshot of Trello homepage.

    I’m trying this out for short-range project management – to-do lists and assignments – Trello answers all that.

  2. Scout


    Scout is a cross-platform app that delivers the power of Sass & Compass into the hands of web designers.

    A screenshot of Scout homepage.

    Here’s something I’ll also be trying along with Brackets – Scout. It’s an app that will watch for Compass and Sass files in a folder.

  3. Brackets


    Brackets is an open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers.

    A screenshot of Brackets homepage.

    I’m looking for a replacement for Adobe Dreamweaver for my front-end design work. I’ll be checking out Brackets and Sass.

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