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Visual Vocabulary for Information Architecture

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2014-10-27 20.45.32
A photo of an actual Interaction Diagram.

In our team, we have something called an Interaction Diagram integrated into our Design Process.

Basically it is a collection of wireframes in context – whether of the whole web product or of a simple task or activity. The diagram shows the layout of components as well as their interaction with other components.

We’re using it consistently as part of our communication with web and app developers. It has proven to be very useful since its inception a year ago (October 3, 2013).

2014-10-27 20.30.13
A photo of Visual Vocabulary webpage.

Jesse James Garrett’s Visual Vocabulary for Information Architecture is one of our main references in establishing the Interaction Diagram.

Authors of the Interaction Diagram:

  • Michelle Villanueva
  • Brian Dys Sahagun
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