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Violet Don’t Be Blue

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Violet Don't Be Blue

Mix CD

I heard it the first time when my friend from Malate, Ida, gave me a mix CD with 14 tracks. This particular song captivated me in a gloomy manner – just as Diana Krall’s Midnight Sun did. But the problem was that I didn’t know the title since she didn’t bother listing the track info.

Years have passed – and I am talking CD burning here, not MP3s in flashdrives – Android phones came into being and SoundHound found its place into my phone. I tried to scratch this long time itch and was I lucky to find the singer and composer.

Violet Don’t Be Blue is a song by Herbie Mann and sang by Cissy Houston (Whitney’s mom).

Don’t let this song bring you down now:

What’s That She’s Singing?

I’ve reached the depths of Google search results for “Violet Don’t Be Blue lyrics” – page 6 to be exact – and still failed to find the lyrics of this song. I even used different search engines like Bing and Yahoo! to no avail.

Search Engines

So I transcribed the song lyrics myself (I’m unsure of several lines, though).

A summer sun kissed a flower
And warmed an hour in May
On her young face
His smile dried the dew

Oh, but the time was coming near
When spring would light another year
Hear the cold wind blowing
Violet don’t be blue

A wishing star closed his eyes
When Violet dreamed of love
When her hopes like her petals
All were new

But now her tears had turned to snow
Her heart’s a place icicles grow
Hear the night wind blowin’, singin’
Violet don’t be blue

The reason I wrote a thing or two about this song is because I’m experimenting on animated icons – wherein as the song goes, the icons animate the lyrics.

I’ll be posting samples soon.

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