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Traces of Chladni Figures – Part 1 of 4

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Ernst Chladni

Reading some science articles, I chanced upon Ernst Chladni’s figures/arrays – created by putting sand over a thin metal plate and subjecting it to sound. The study of the visible sound vibrations is called Cymatics.

How Chladni Figures are created.

Tracing Patterns

I have an inclination to tracing patterns and figures found in movies and old prints. It’s like a refresher in using different tools and techniques in vector manipulation, as well as preservation of the things past.

Repulsion Pattern
Loosely based on the dress Catherine Deneuve was wearing in the movie, Repulsion (1965). Directed by Roman Polanski.

Here’s a catalog of Chladni Figures that I wish to replicate and turn into a pattern source:

Chladni Figures
40 Chladni Figures

Some figures I’ve already replicated using Adobe Illustrator:

Chladni FIgure - Nova
Chladni Figure #1: Nova
Chladni Figure - X
Chladni Figure #2: X
Chladni Figure - Daiman
Chladni Figure #3: Daiman
Chladni Figure - Jackstone
Chladni Figure #4: Jackstone
Chladni Figure - Screen
Chladni Figure #5: Screen

More to follow from simple to complicated figures. Stay connected.

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