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Web products need to be supplied with a Technocal Document. Its content are the basic specifications of a mobile app or website in the following aspects:

Filled-up by developer

  • Programming Language

Filled-up by product developer

  • Browser Version Support
  • Mobile Version Support

Filled-up by front-end designer

  • Mobile Response

This document aids all team members involved in the project by providing with a preview of each team’s specifications. It also puts in context the capabilities and limitations of the product.

Consider this scenario:

  • the mobile app is in its Behavioral Testing stage
  • the tester is informed that the mobile app is supported under a very old version of Android
  • the tester ensures that the mobile app is tested on all key versions of Android

The same goes for websites wherein each team member knows that the product will not be supported in IE versions 8 and below.

See an example of a Technical Document

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