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Months before the big day, I’ve heard a song, ‘Good Morning’ by Jah Rule – right there and then, I imagined it to be one of our wedding songs. In fact, it inspired me to compile all the songs that I dedicate to Jaycelle. One of those was ‘Hold My Hand’ by Hootie and the Blowfish. From there, the compilation grew and grew that I was able to categorize it by Preparation, Ceremony, and Reception. Over the years we’ve shared so many songs together, mostly from me and when I dedicate it to her, she would instantly like it. Some songs were soundtracks from movies we mutually like upon watching.

In fact that is how we started. During her 1st few weeks at LWS, we have gotten each other’s Yahoo! Messenger IDs and I would share some MP3s with her – songs that I find with mushy lyrics – songs that only sentimental types would like. These songs didn’t have consistent genres – from Tracy Chapman’s The Kiss to Chances by Athlete.

Now, on our 1st wedding anniversary I chanced upon a very apt song by Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud. It prompted me to compile another 28-track mixtape for our 1st year. Came in second is Rico Blanco’s Time for You. Stars aligned for me to hear these songs and dedicate it to her.

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