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SodaPop: An Audacious Project

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Mountain Dew
The aftermath of a Mountain Dew soda can after being milked of its various sounds.

I got FruityLoops 3 to manipulate and produce tracks, good ol’ Winamp 5 to play exported materials and convert files to uncompressed WAV. And now, Audacity to trim and stitch raw materials.

What is this project all about

It’s all about SoundThemes™ wherein sound effects is another layer of the user experience. But that’s not all – it wouldn’t be a theme if the collection of sounds is fragmented. This would be used in all kind of actions and hints in any game or app.

So for this prototype, I used our favorite urine-colored drink – Mountain Dew to collect all sorts of soda can sounds. Using iPhone 4’s Voice Memos app, I recorded all clinks and clanks of the can from full to empty to down the trash can.

Let me hear!

Girls and boys, I present to you the raw recording (but that might probably bore you):

So here’s a trimmed and stitched version:

And an electronic version using only the individual sounds of the can:

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