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Putting Skip to Content Into Context

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Does the HTML markup of your website has an accessibility function in the form of “Skip to Content”? If yes, then you would notice that it is located at the topmost of the markup. This is as such in order to make it the first focus when using keyboard to navigate.

Now you may ask, “Shouldn’t the document title be at the topmost of the document?”

Not when you put this accessibility function into the context of its intended use. The user, upon arriving at your website might have come from a link or have typed a URL into the web browser. That could’ve acted as the document title that ensures the user where s/he is.

The second part of this context is the user being able to go directly to the content – skipping every element that isn’t part of his or her purpose for visiting the website.

See the Pen Skip to Content by Brian Dys Sahagun (@BrianSahagun) on CodePen.

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