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Paternity Leave: Day 3

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11 December 2015

Jaycelle and I looking over Bryce (giving our best smile) while lying down in the bath tub for his first bath (cotton-cleanup).

Some things rambling in my sleep-deprived mind:

  1. Jaycelle apparently gave birth to a human drinking-machine
  2. Our baby is 50% milk and 50% poop
  3. Why are some diapers don’t have a front and rear label?
  4. Can diapers be transparent so that I would have to rely on my vision to see if there’s already a rock-solid poop?
  5. It’s a guessing game when baby cries – if cradling fails, hand over to mommy
  6. I couldn’t remember already when he was born (it was just two days ago, huhuhu)

Little by little, he is getting stronger especially when he cries. All mittens and socks fly off everywhere and it’s an effort to put it back on. His face gradually morphs into a different form since we saw him come out with the cord.

Rearing is, so far, cool. Maybe because I don’t have breasts with milk which babies really love every minute of every day.

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