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My Grandfather’s Handwriting

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December 24, 1925

First of all… I am sorry. Sorry for all the times that I have hastily judged you without even knowing you… even a bit. I am still somehow guilty whenever I would think of the process that we had. You deserve to be liked by me first. I would even court you. Next thing… thank you for showing me that smile. Your smile that tells complex feelings of happiness… and more. Until now, I still can not believe how easily you came to like me. It does not mean that I do not see any goodness or something special in me. It is about the short span we had to share ourselves. Or maybe I should stop thinking about it. It is just magical. I have not explored yet the depths of your feelings… but definitely, mine is growing.

In this short time that we shared, it is wonderful how we developed. We have gone through difficult stages. We have known things and secrets about ourselves. How I wish to write all of them and someday upon chancing to read it, it will be a colorful love story.

Thank you for all the trust you have in me. I am looking forward to knowing you more… sharing things with you.

Nobody has seen me smile like I do. The smile that is so gentle and full of hope. It could be for only a minute but it is almost every time I would look in your eyes.

Let’s dance… let’s fall in love.

Merry Christmas, lovely…

Originally published in happyobituary.blogspot.com on 16 April 2005 4:43 pm.

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