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Bottles of Coins

We are hoarders. Hoarders of digital files. That turn into junk after a year without seeing the light of day. We dismiss in our daily lives the digital ephemera that sit in inside our digital boxes, thinking they are just there.

Two Buildings

But what if a solar flare bursts into scene strong enough to wipe out our secondary memories? The lives that we’ve built inside the box, inside the net will no longer be. The communication channel that afforded us to poke some across the globe – in its absence – will force us to find pencil and paper once more delightful.

A New Globe

There’s no real need to materialize in physical all things digital. The same way that we must let things in multitude overflow outside of our reach.

Palm and Moon

If a voice inside needs to be shouted, shout it into the air and not onto a wall.

Construction Workers

Coastal Road Toll Gate


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