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The Value of Photographs Over Time

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Value of Photographs Over Time
Chart of Value of Photographs Over Time by Brian Dys Sahagun

The value of a photograph doubles over time.

At the moment of a moment’s capture the value to the owner is close to zero.

It’s only for sharing directly to someone.

It’s only for posting indirectly to an audience.

It’s a smile-maker or a cringeworthy cue.

Its value to machine learning is immense and future-proof.

Its value to content aggregation is in-valuable.

And in the day after, while being stashed away it brews.

And in the day after next until another generation is born a moment captured is a moment created.

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Migration to Flickr

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Migrating to Flickr
The exodus of my files from the hard drive to Flickr. Still from Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

All of my internal and external hard drives are being consumed by media files like fungus to a rotting tree trunk. I confess that I’ve been hoarding files from my camera that never see the light of day (or get shared to people involved).

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That Only Storage that You Will Ever Need

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…is the 5D Data Storage! It could store 360 terabytes of your photos and videos in full resolution!

Eternal 5D Data Storage
When everything else melts (even the machine that can read this thing), fear no more knowing that all your cat pictures are safe in this coin-sized storage. Image credit: University of Southampton

Now, there’s no need to hesitate in shooting RAW and 4K!

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Bottles of Coins

We are hoarders. Hoarders of digital files. That turn into junk after a year without seeing the light of day. We dismiss in our daily lives the digital ephemera that sit in inside our digital boxes, thinking they are just there.

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Instant Pedestrian Lane

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Instant Pedestrian Lane
A worker blow-torching white stripes on the ground as pedestrian lanes. Taken near City of Dreams, Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City. 28 October 2015