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Graphic Design Playground – Part 1 of 4

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My favorite Beatle, George Harrison in the body of Marilyn Monroe.

Remember my humble beginnings in Photoshop and didn’t have the files to prove it because my hard drive crashed? Well, it really did and that will be another story.

The second batch of practice files are still with me though. Not everyday did I experiment on lo-res stock photos and found pictures on the internet. So I could’ve not improved drastically from the first few years to the next.

Electronic Music Wow

MTV Music Generator
I got this gem inside SM Bacoor.

During the late 90s, armed with an amateurish guitar-playing skill, I got hooked in playing with electronic music using MTV Music Generator in PlayStation 1. And a couple of years after, I upgraded to an early version of Fruity Loops.

Here’s an example of what I managed to produce in the PlayStation:

How I magically got that in MP3 format? I hooked a PC mic in front of the TV speaker while PlayStation is playing the song.

The whole point of this is that I was so excited to design my own (imaginary) album covers. I consider these designs part of my practice files – created out of pure enjoyment.

Evil Twin


Picnic Wasted


Witches of the Deep



Cross and Die

Coaty Fur

Our Fish


One, Two, Three


Tricky Resemblance


Frost Eat



Sunny Black

I followed this up with more “serious” compositions and with that came more “serious” album covers.

Check back soon for Part 2.

I leave you with a saying by the great Confusious:

A true designer only uses solar flare for irony.

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