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Removing /blog from Main Site of a WordPress Multisite

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Bet you also hated this:


That looks redundant. No need to put up with it.

Here’s how to remove the “blog” slug from the permalink of your main site in a WordPress Multisite sub-directory installation:

First, Edit Permalink

  1. Go to Network Admin > Sites
  2. Click “Edit” on the Main Site (don’t click the actual name of the Main Site)
  3. On the Edit Site page, go to the Settings tab
  4. Look for the section of Permalink Structure
  5. Remove “/blog”
  6. Save Changes, of course

Last, Refresh Permalink

  1. Now go to the Dashboard of your Main Site
  2. Go to Settings > Permalink (this section is different from the first step)
  3. Choose Custom Structure and in the field, enter “/%postname%/”
  4. Again, Save Changes

That will refresh your permalink structure and in the last step, the permalink will probably revert back to Post Name instead of Custom Structure (although they are the same using”/%postname%/”).

Go to your site and check if the index and post pages are working properly.

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