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First Setup After Running a WordPress Multisite

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After creating your first site under a Main Site, preview it and you will see icky defaults.

Here’s a list of what to setup so you would be on your way blogging:

  1. Settings
    1. Tagline
    2. Timezone
    3. Week Starts On
    4. Permalink (Post Name)
  2. Appearance > Customize
    1. Header Image (hide)
  3. Posts > Categories
    1. Change “Uncategorized” to “Updates”
    2. Also update the slug
  4. Pages > All Pages
    1. Change “Sample Page” to “About”
    2. Also update the slug
  5. Posts > All Posts
    1. You could either change the Hello World post into your own welcome message or completely delete it.

Check your site again to see if everything’s looking good.

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