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Building a Technical Vocabulary

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As front-end designers, we are using patterns over and over again – we are employing specific techniques to answer specific needs. But what we lack is a term, a name tag for those methods.

It’s simply like the Flying V of The Mighty Ducks!

Flying V - Shirt Print Design by MrTWilson
A t-shirt print design by MrTWilson at Redbubble.

So far, I’ve added Padding and Framing to my vocabulary.

Let’s try another one. Say for example, I need the following for my website’s header:

  • Fixed-height header
  • Responsive width
  • The content of the header are all vertically-aligned in the middle
  • If the content of the header exceeds the fixed height, then it will respond

What kind of solution does this need and what can we name the technique?

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