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Guess what? Two nights ago, I don’t remember exactly how I got home. An event just impacted my mind when I hit the ground at the side of our house. I’m not sure if I tried to run to cause the accident. My left elbow took the sliding fall. Lucky me, no broken bone; just a few scratches that don’t even need Band-aids. It was somehow funny because our three dogs were the witnesses. Then this really weird feeling in the morning hit me. I felt as if I died that night; not because of the fall but something I could not recall. Something like a glitch in a drunkard’s memory.

I also left my cat cage in some bus. I think I rode two. So, wherever it was, I hope it did not cause any commotion. No explosives, no bombs, not even a firecracker, or a cat. But it is funny to see the morning news with my cat cage being fished by the bomb squad like a giant piranha. It was somehow fine by me to have left it because all it contained were my office pillow, a coffee mug, and unfortunately, my San Miguel Beer mug which Mitch gave me. I really like that mug and it had been my office buddy for the last three years. I’ll probably ask Mitch for one again (with puppy dog eyes).

Man, was I glad I did not foolishly put any important belonging in that cage. I’d kill myself if I discovered any of these missing: iPod, cellphone, wallet, ID, limb.

I guess this is my nth life. Thank you god for making me feel special.

Originally published on Friendster, 30 December 2006

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