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Afternoon Rest

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The day was rather lazy. This afternoon – sleepy. The breezy silence made one narcoleptic.. even the insomniac.

She hummed a somber tune as we rested by the shade of a Talisay. Birds were chirping in accompaniment. Everything in nature conspired to lull me. I was floating in mild disorientation.

The wind that softly blew on her face revealed her kind features. Her eyes which I failed to break down into fathomable revelations.. her nose with dew drops like that of a cat.. and then her lips. Rose petal-smooth, they coyly pushed her cheeks. Now, even her eyes were smiling.

One look.. not even a glance has she given me. Her vision seemed to be in the farthest distance of the horizon. Mine was even farther.

Originally published in happyobituary.blogspot.com.

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