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A D-Tour at Smart

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Four of us from Chikka visited Smart by invitation from Edmond Gozo – the Experience Engineer of Smart. He told us he’ll show us something on the works related to the Design Thinking workshop we recently held under him.

The D-Room

The term, D, was inspired by the d.school (Institute of Design at Stanford). With school supplies and cardboard-styrofoam construction materials abound, it seemed more like a playroom at a pre-school wherein you get to do something from scratch the whole day. It was a teleport from the traditional meeting room wherein there’s a table, chairs, and an intercom at the middle.

Sticky notes were flaking the walls with drawings and ideas of existing and conceptual products. This is where ideas get churned and grinded, I thought.

Although still at the prototype stage, it is not the physicality of the room that will get to be replicated at various locations in the building – it is the mindset, the distinct experience of people using the room. The room becomes a means to cultivate the change in the culture of people.

In simple experiments like these we enable ourselves to progress and accept changes that are inevitable.

Originally published on BS, May 23, 2014.

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