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A Beep and a Beeeep

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People Horn

Yesterday, I was tailgating. A person. Waiting for him to stay away from the road and onto the sidewalk.

Jaycelle asked me why I didn’t bother to honk the guy to alert him. I told her that car horns aren’t meant for people but for other vehicles (and there’s an etiquette for honking, too).

Types of Horns
Sources: For vehicles, For people

“But how would you alert them (to prevent them from becoming a human burrito, I assume)?” she asked.

Well, a while ago, I beeped a vendor carrying a wide merchandise and he let me pass. But that’s from a distance so I did it.

Ever walked at a sidewalk where on the road there are big buses stuck in traffic? And they blast your left eardrum outside your right?

So I thought, vehicles must have a horn for fellow vehicles and for fellows.

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