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A Beep and a Beeeep

Yesterday, I was tailgating. A person. Waiting for him to stay away from the road and onto the sidewalk.

Jaycelle asked me why I didn’t bother to honk the guy to alert him. I told her that car horns aren’t meant for people but for other vehicles (and there’s an etiquette for honking, too).

“But how would you alert them (to prevent them from becoming a human burrito, I assume)?” she asked.

Well, a while ago, I beeped a vendor carrying a wide merchandise and he let me pass. But that’s from a distance so I did it.

Ever walked at a sidewalk where on the road there are big buses stuck in traffic? And they blast your left eardrum outside your right?

So I thought, vehicles must have a horn for fellow vehicles and for fellows.


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