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Of Oddness and Obsolescence – Twilight Zone No. 153

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The Brain Center at Whipple’s

Twilight Zone - 153 - S05E33 - 1964_05_15 - The Brain Center at Whipple's

Technician (T): Mr. Whipple, have you looked around this place lately?

Mr. Whipple (W): Looked around?

T: The cafeteria, for example. It’s like a cave. Not a soul in there. Just a few vending machines and music coming thru a loud speaker. You walked around the parking lot? It’s a dessert. No cars, no people.

W: How very enlightening!

T: This place has every thing now in the way of efficiency. But do you know what it lacks?

W: Don’t tell me.

T: Voices. Laughter. Just whatever it is that makes people feel for people. That’s what it lacks! This is a lousy place to work in, Mr. Whipple.

(Excerpt from the dialogue of Mr. Whipple and the Technician.)

Closing Narration:

There are many bromides applicable here. Too much of a good thing, tiger by the tail, as you sow so shall you reap.

The point is that too often, man becomes clever instead of becoming wise. He becomes inventive but not thoughtful. And sometimes, as in the case of Mr. Whipple, he can create himself right out of existence.

Tonight’s tale of oddness and obsolescence from the Twilight Zone.

~ Rod Serling



AIM – Ideaspace Entrepreneurship Development Program – Day 1

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AIM - Ideaspace Entrepreneurship Development Program

Ideaspace enrolled us in Entrepreneurship Development Program of AIM in order to supercharge our ventures with enough resources.

Excited for new things to learn and at the same time at a loss – that’s how I am facing tougher times and bigger challenges for the idea that my colleagues and I are nurturing. Or should I accurately say, battering?

Oh yes. Beating and battering. As quoted by Professor Richard Cruz, great philosopher Michael Gerard Tyson said,

Everybody’s got a plan… until they get punched in the face.

That’s the watered-down quote that is apt in preparing startup founders who will face investors in the ring. Here’s the original in all its wisdom:

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

You know what’s coming. So watch out!

Team Aboo

Here we are, from left to right: Jason, myself, and Ezra – with smiles still on.

Links and Actions

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I categorize <a> into two: Links and Actions.

Links will take you to another location, mostly for information while Actions could also do the same but with a more targeted purpose.




Links can be left alone in CSS – because they are buried in paragraphs or sitting beside other texts. Actions require styles that will enhance their usability – like padding to increase its active area (easier to click).

What Is a Blind Bird Ticket?

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Bird Splat

I’ve been reading lately about events and conferences selling “Blind Bird” tickets.

It seems like it stemmed from “Early Bird” and upon searching the term “Blind Bird Ticket” in Google, only more Blind Bird ticket sales came up. No official Wiki or definition whatsover.

Buying a Blind Bird Ticket means that you’re entitled to a hefty discount (much like an Early Bird) at an event without further details yet – such as to who will be speaking or doing the intermission numbers.

Putting Skip to Content Into Context

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Does the HTML markup of your website has an accessibility function in the form of “Skip to Content”? If yes, then you would notice that it is located at the topmost of the markup. This is as such in order to make it the first focus when using keyboard to navigate.

Now you may ask, “Shouldn’t the document title be at the topmost of the document?”

Not when you put this accessibility function into the context of its intended use. The user, upon arriving at your website might have come from a link or have typed a URL into the web browser. That could’ve acted as the document title that ensures the user where s/he is.

The second part of this context is the user being able to go directly to the content – skipping every element that isn’t part of his or her purpose for visiting the website.

See the Pen Skip to Content by Brian Dys Sahagun (@BrianSahagun) on CodePen.

Device Art Generator for Android and iOS

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Edited by BS; Source: Wikipedia

  1. Android: Device Art Generator

    The device art generator enables you to quickly wrap app screenshots in device artwork. This provides better visual context for your app screenshots on your website or in other promotional materials.

  2. iOS: MockUPhone

    MockUPhone frames your mobile app screenshots in real device arts, and provide better visual context for your apps on the website or in other promotional materials.